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Monday, February 06, 2006
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Are you ready for the excitement that the Popcorn Sales brings to your unit?

We will again offer our same product mix as we did in 2004, plus back by popular demand, we are adding a 2.5 lb Popping Tin to this years order form.

Trail’s End has greatly expanded their prize offerings for 2005. Scouts can now choose from 100’s of great prizes. In addition, Scouts can choose from Coleman or Wal-Mart gift cards!

In 2005, more than $173,000 was given back to Packs and Troops within Southwest Michigan. Was your unit one? Attend your District Kickoff to receive all the information to make this year’s sale the best ever.

Does all of this – great products, great prizes, and funds to support your unit – sound good to you and your unit? What a better way for your unit to raise funds. In a recent survey, (1) 83% of households have never been asked to buy popcorn from a Scout, (2) those who did made their decision based on the child at the door or the youth organization, and (3) they believe that Scouting is one of the top youth organizations to support in fundraising.

Back again for 2005! Your unit has the potential to earn a 4% bonus commission again in 2005. The requirements for earning the bonus commission are as follows:
When a unit sales increase by at least 25% over the 2004 results, then the 4% bonus is paid on the 25% increase only, not on the total amount sold.

5-way Chocolate Lovers Tin $50
2-way Chocolate, caramel, cheese tin $40
Cheese Lovers Tin $30
24 oz Chocolatey Caramel Crunch $20
26 oz Gourmet Caramel Corn with Almonds $17
15 Pack Microwave Kettle Corn $20
15 Pack Microwave Butter $15
15 Pack Microwave Butter Lite $15
11 oz Caramel Corn with Peanuts $10
2.5 lb Popping Corn Tin $10

September 13, 2005 Popcorn Kickoff
September 19, 2005 Show & Sell orders due
October 1, 2005 Show & Sell Popcorn Delivery
November 15, 2005 Show & Sell Popcorn Return
November 15, 2005 Unit Orders Due
December 3, 2005 Take Order Product Distribution
December 20, 2005 Final Popcorn Money Due

To reach our goal, we must increase the number of units participating,
the number of Scouts selling popcorn, and the average sale

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