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Monday, February 06, 2006
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Click on the district tab at the top of the page and the drop menu of each individual district will appear.  Then choose your district by clicking on the name.

PATHFINDER DISTRICT - serves Kalamazoo County and East Van Buren County

NOTTAWA TRAILS DISTRICT - serves Calhoun County and Bellevue

NEWO DISTRICT - serves Branch County and Saint Joseph County

WABANO DISTRICT - serves Northern Berrien County and West Van Buren County

Join Cub Scouts
Are you a boy, age 7-10 years of age, or a parent
of such a youth who loves adventure, fun and
excitement? Then click on the Join Cub Scouts link.
You will be taken to a website which will explain all
about the fun Cub Scouts has to offer and tell you
how to join.  Click on the back arrow when you are
done to come back to our site.

Join Boy Scouts
Continue the adventure!  Explore nature and the
great outdoors, learn survival skills, Camp,
canoe.... If you are 11 - 20 years old, click
on the link to learn more about how
to become a Boy Scout.


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