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Wednesday, April 04, 2007
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Southwest Michigan Council

Summer 2007

Day Camp Experiences




Plan now to blast off for a fun adventure.  Activities will include a Space Derby, games, crafts, songs, sports, and shooting sports.  Mark your calendar for the nearest docking stations and dates.  Be prepared for the adventure of your life!  Locations of your launch pads are listed below.


Day Camp welcomes all space explorers who will be in the First Grade through Fifth Grade in the fall of 2007.  First Grade explorers will need their adult partner to come along.  Otherwise two adult space travelers for up to ten space explorers are needed.


 Fees for this adventure are $55/youth by May 25, 2007, $65/youth

after May 25, and $70 after June 15, 2007.  Sign up now!

Nottawa Trails July 10-13 (Wilder Creek)
Newo July 17-20 (Holden Farm)
            Pathfinder District – July 24-27

(St. Mary’s Catholic Church)
Wabano July 31–Aug 3
(Knights of Columbus)


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