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Wednesday, August 22, 2007
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Philmont 2007
Sign up now at the Council Service Center with a non refundable reservation fee of $150 to join the 2007 Southwest Michigan Council Contingent to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.   read more...




July 13 - July 27, 2007

You will depart Kalamazoo Friday, July 13, by Amtrak. Arrive at Philmont about 2 PM Saturday July 14—your Philmont Challenge begins. July 26 depart on Amtrak arrive home Friday July 27, about 9:30 PM at the Kalamazoo train station.


“I want to go back to Philmont, where the ole Rayado flows…”—The lyrics from the Rangers’ Philmont song ring of the adventure and challenge that greet everyone in the great wilderness of Philmont.

You are invited to join the Philmont spirit and challenge to High-Adventure in the summer of 2007. Join in the fun, excitement, and challenge of the magic of Philmont—national camping area owned by the Boy Scouts of America. High mountains with an elevation of 6,500 to 12,441 feet dominate a rough terrain. This 137,493 acres (about 215 square miles) of rugged mountain wilderness in the Sangre de Cristo (Blood of Christ) range of the Rockies holds challenge after challenge.

Philmont provides an unforgettable 12-day adventure in sky high backpacking country along hundreds of miles of rugged, rocky trails. Program features combine the best of the old West with the exciting challenges today—horseback riding, burro packing, gold panning, rock climbing, mountain biking and 30.06 rifle—an unbeatable recipe for fast moving fun, outdoor adventure.

The mystique of Philmont is camping, hiking and the adventurous challenges of mountain living. You will hike 50 to 100 miles in the mountains of Philmont, carrying everything you need in your backpack (40-45 pounds), living your Scouting skills.

Southwest Michigan Council expedition extends to you the opportunity to meet the Philmont Challenge by joining with fellow Scouts as member of our crew to experience Philmont from July 13 thru July 27, 2007. Complete Philmont 2006 fee is $925 (tentative). Only 24 spaces are available so plan early to join this High Adventure activity. Reserve your place now by completing both sides of the application, detach and forward it along with your reservation fee to the Council address on the application.

For unit presentation or questions, contact Hank Poppen, Philmont Contingent Leader.

Participation in Philmont 2007 requires the following commitment by Scouts:
1. Be 14 years of age by Jan. 1, 2007 or completed 8th grade before departure.
2. Payment of all fees.
3. Philmont Health Form signed by physician
4. Individual weekly shakedown hikes beginning at 1 hr. and working up to 3 hrs.
5. Participation in Philmont shakedown hike.
6. Participation in Philmont shakedown campout.
7. Participation in Philmont family night by Scout and Parents.


Count me in as a member of the 2007 Philmont expedition, July 13 thru July 27, 2007.
My $150 reservation fee is enclosed.

Please Print

Name ______________________________

Date of Birth ______ / _______/ ________
                     MO        DAY       YEAR

Address ______________________________

City______________State______ Zip______

Phone(______) ________________________

E-Mail _______________________________

Registered in Troop/Post ________________

Present Scouting Rank __________________

Make check or money order payable to: Boy Scouts of America

Complete both sides of this application and mail with reservation fee to:
Southwest Michigan Council
1035 W Maple Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49008
Out of Council reservations accepted after December 1, 2005

Parent or Guardian Certification:
I certify that the Scout named on the reverse side of this application will be at least 14 years of age by January 1, 2007 or have completed eighth grade. I also give my consent for him to participate in this high-adventure activity and will assist him to meet the fee schedule as listed. I understand that the two pre-trek training experiences are required and failure to participate in them (or an acceptable alternative) could result in loss of his position in the expedition and fortiture of fees. I will help him prepare for this adventure in other way, as the need should arise.

Signed ___________________________
Print ____________________________
Date ____________________________

Unit Leader Certification:
I certify that the Scout named on the reverse side of this application is a registered member in good standing of this unit, that he will be at least 14 years of age by January 1, 2007, that he has shown good skill and ability in camping, cooking, hiking, and that he demonstrates excellent responsibility and teamwork, while displaying good Scouting spirit. I highly recommend him for this high-adventure activity.
Signed ___________________________
Scoutmaster/Crew Advisor
Date ____________________________
Expedition Fee Schedule

Total 2007 fee of $925 will include expenses from the time of train boarding to return (travel, Philmont fee, crew photo, lodging). Meals to and from Philmont will be the responsibility of each crew member. You may pay this fee at one time when you make your reservation, or as many Scouts and families prefer, by the installment plan according to the following schedule:
• $150 due with application by Sept.1,2006
Non-refundable reservation fee
• $222.50 additional due by Oct. 1, 2006
This payment guarantees your space
• $222.50 additional due by Feb. 1, 2007
• $222.50 additional due by March 15, 2007
• $107.50 Due May 1st, 2007
Estimated trip cost may be re-adjusted, as final travel/meal costs become known. Scouts canceling their reservations will receive refunds of fees paid over the basic $150 non-refundable deposit in an amount limited to the sum the Council is able to recover from vendors minus expenses at the time of cancellations.
Some Scholarship funds may be available.
Inquire of contingent leader.

Southwest Michigan Council
Boy Scouts of America
1035 W Maple
Kalamazoo, MI 49008
Phone: 269 343-4687
Fax: 269 343-3311

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